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Pastor’s Message

Pastor Lizzie


Pastor’s Message – May 2017

To my Blessed Hope family,

Today has been quite the day!  I am writing this on Easter night.  At church on Easter morning, I was filled with such joy at seeing the church so full.  We all got to celebrate together.  The beautiful sanctuary helped remind us that new life is all around us.  The beauty of the cross of flowers shone all around, and I am forever grateful for the reminder of the power of resurrection that is around us.

God is creating all things new, and we as the church, Blessed Hope, are in another time of newness and transition.  May is already upon us.  We will soon celebrate the gift of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and all of the mother figures in our lives.  We will see the trees fill with leaves and blossoms. The weather will continue to get warmer and brighter, and we will yet again be reminded that God journeys with us in the days filled with sun and the days filled with rain.

God journeys with us as the days get longer, and God journeys with us in the moments that are both good and bad.  In just a couple of months, we will be seeking God’s faithful presence in the new journey in which we are about to embark.  Even now, people from Blessed Hope have been working towards helping prepare us for the beginnings of our Regional Ministry with Memorial UMC in Greenfield.

We have been working towards listening for God’s faithful presence and work as we try to discern how to faithfully respond to God’s call in our lives.  Newness is all around.  We as a church are in a process of resurrection, of being made new in the image of God, and this will take much work on our part.  In the coming months, I encourage you to think about Blessed Hope, to think about Memorial, to think about the kingdom of God and where you feel God is calling us to be.

God is doing something new through us.  Are we open to this new work?  This new life?  Are we willing to respond faithfully?  I invite you to think about where you feel you would like to serve in this new venture?  What do you hope to learn?  What new friends do you hope to meet?  This journey is one that will mean many changes for us.  I hope we can join hand in hand and live out this new and exciting journey together.

I pray that we will listen for God and respond in faith.  Remember that God is inviting you to take part. God is inviting you to have a share in this new life together.


Pastor Lizzie