Calvary Preschool

Calvary Preschool is dedicated to providing a program where the preschool child can develop the social and creative skills needed for all future learning.

OUR MISSION is to provide a high-quality environment for the preschool child that is based on the principles of loving, caring and sharing.

OUR MISSION is also to “team” with the families by providing them with parenting resources and a professional, highly-motivated staff all working together for the benefit of the child.

Calvary Preschool will strive to provide a safe, meaningful, age-appropriate learning experience that will help children develop secure relationships with peers and adults. In the development and implementation of our curriculum, we will consider the “whole child;” his/her physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual development.

By fulfilling the needs of children, families and staff, it is our intent to lay the foundation for future learning.

3177 South 107th Street
(located in the lower level of the church, in the West Entrance)
West Allis, Wisconsin, 53227-4123
(414) 541-9050

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